Hnoss Restaurant

Hnoss Restaurant

Reykjavík, Iceland
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we take great pride in presenting Hnoss Restaurant, a culinary space where the experience of dining is intertwined with design that is both modern and inviting. In designing Hnoss Restaurant, we sought to create a space that mirrors the quality and sophistication of the cuisine served.

The restaurant’s aesthetic is characterized by a palette of deep, rich tones and natural textures that pay homage to Iceland's volcanic grandeur. We carefully selected materials that are not only robust and enduring but also impart a sense of warmth and comfort. The dark flooring and tables provide a grounded, earthy foundation, while the textured walls reflect an elegant, yet unpretentious character.

We aimed for the lighting to be a statement feature, with pendant lights offering a golden glow reminiscent of the Nordic sun's fleeting embrace. These fixtures not only illuminate but also act as sculptural elements, contributing to the overall artistry of the space. Their strategic placement encourages intimacy, highlighting each table setting to create private islands within the communal dining experience.

The layout of the restaurant was conceived with the dynamic ebb and flow of a bustling dining area in mind. The space is designed to be adaptive, accommodating both small gatherings and larger groups with ease. We introduced sleek, modern lines through the bar and open kitchen, which serve as focal points, inviting guests to witness the culinary artistry as it unfolds.

Our design process was collaborative and iterative, working closely with the restaurateurs to ensure every element resonated with their vision. We aspired for a balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, where every piece of furniture, every fixture, and every view out the window plays a part in the symphony of the guests' experience.

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