Visitor center and ticket sales in Harpa

Visitor center and ticket sales in Harpa

Reykjavík, Iceland
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Creating a captivating space within the Harpa Visitor Center and Ticket Sales area was a journey that began with the intent to blend functionality with sculptural elegance. Our vision was to craft an environment that not only serves its purpose but also resonates with the artistic ambiance of Harpa itself—a landmark known for its intersection of culture and architecture.
The design process was rooted in the concept of "flow," both in the movement of people and the interplay of light and structure. I wanted to create a space that guides visitors intuitively while providing a seamless service experience. The angular, white structures that dominate the area are a nod to Icelandic landscapes, reminiscent of the stark contrasts found in nature—dark volcanic rock against the bright Arctic sky.

This idea of contrast is carried through the choice of materials. The warmth and texture of the dark wooden flooring ground the space, while the pristine white of the desk and the accompanying geometric forms offer a sense of clarity and brightness. The folded forms are not just aesthetic—they function as partitions and windbreaks, creating pockets of shelter and intimacy in an otherwise open plan.

Lighting played a crucial role in the final design. Integrated linear lights were used to highlight edges and surfaces, transforming these functional elements into luminous sculptures that shift and change with the viewer’s perspective. This approach to lighting design ensures that the space is not static; it's alive and engaging, changing from day into night.

Every aspect of this space was considered to enhance the visitor experience, ensuring that the architecture speaks not only to the mind but also to the heart. It's where functionality meets art, and where every visitor's journey—whether they're a first-time guest or a returning patron—begins with a moment of awe. This space is a testament to the belief that architecture is an experiential art form, designed to move and to inspire.

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